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What is Xbox Live

Xbox Live is an online gaming platform owned by Microsoft. Using Xbox Live would make enable you to game online with your friends! This is one of the most popular gaming platforms. Whatever game you like to play, with Xbox Live you’re using the best. Be able to chat, game and talk to every stranger around the world while playing a great game. Xbox Live requires a fast internet connection for the best gaming experience. This goes also for TV shows, Spot events and of course your favorite music. This service is usually a paid premium product, but only through our website are you able to get free and legit Xbox Live gift card codes!

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If you want to redeem your online generated Xbox Live code, you only have to follow some quick steps in your Xbox account. Go to your Xbox account and press the Xbox Guide button in the middle of the controller. Navigate to the marketplace, select “Redeem Code”. Enter the code which is generated by our online gift card generator. Remember that the codes we provide are just normal gift card codes so there is no difference between our online Xbox Live gift cards and the in-store Xbox Live gift cards.

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– Our website provides free Xbox Live gift cards with different amounts of gift card value. If you want to use Xbox Live for free, but also on a legit way, you could use our Xbox Live gift card. Just go to the gift card generator and follow the on-screen instructions!

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– But of course! you can get as many gift cards as you like, as the number of sold gift cards is replenished every week! So take advantage of these options, and get your XBox live gift cards now!